The Debate Over Stem Cell Research in the United States

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Some people believe that stem cell research should be allowed in the United States because over sixty percent of scientists think that ES (embryonic) cells (pluripotent stem cells that come from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst; an early stage embryo) could be the solution to curing a multitude of diseases, others believe that experimenting with these cells could destroy an embryo and kill a possible human fetus (a developing body after the embryonic stage and before birth). Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that may differentiate into specialized cells which, through mitosis (the usual procedure of cell division where one cell forms into two or more separate chromosomes) can divide and produce more stem cells. Two of the main stakeholders on stem cell research are the Scientific Community and the General Public, who are mostly on the positive side of speculating these microorganisms in the United States. Whereas, the scientific community are more of against this research as polls and averages have advised us in this experimental procedure. Should stem cell research be allowed in the United States? From the information gathered throughout the years, the general public have voted to allow this research to be examined in the United States. From the data implemented by scientists, stem cells can be transplanted and turned into cures for several diseases and most likely disabilities. If the research was supported by the U.S., lab technician would have the ability to initiate a medicant, or a healing substance to patients with conditions such as Cancer which is a disease involving unregulated cell growth where cells divide and grow uncontrollably spreading maglient tumors throughout the body, Diabetes mellitus (... ... middle of paper ... ...stem cell research? The government does not want a population overload, they want to keep everything leveled so they will not legalize this research to save these lives. They do not want to lose the money they're gaining from all of the therapies put in by people with diseases and their insurance rates. Another person with a disease is just another check being written for our government, they collect the money that goes towards these treatments and chemo-therapies people invest in to try and ease their pain and keep themselves alive. If the government really cared about the U.S. citizens being cured, wouldn't they have approved of this subject three decades ago when stem cell research controversy began? If they cared, they would have allowed the research and we would be further into information of curing diseases and creating antidotes to save millions of lives.

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