The Debate On Same Sex Marriage

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We are surrounded by many social problems; some have been here, unsolved for decades while some are being created at this very moment. But one particular social problem, the one that has been the cause of families drifting apart but also bringing them closer than ever is the debate on same-sex marriage. Not long ago, those involved in same-sex marriage were believed to be demons; they were dehumanized and were looked down upon with disgust. In the hopes of change, this has turned over and now same-sex marriage is acceptable in all of the U.S. states (“US Supreme Court rules gay marriage is legal nationwide”, 2015). However, social problems occur in all over the world, and one being accepted in one place does not mean acceptance in others. CURRENT EVENT DESCRIPTION Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto , has been debating on whether to legalize same- sex marriage for many years now. However, since Mexico City’s legalization of same-sex marriage in 2009, and other countries like the Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, Enrique Peña Nieto signed two bills allowing the legalization of same-sex marriage all over Mexico (Malkin, 2016). The president’s decision became coherent due to his belief in the Latin America staying consistent with their decisions. Also, with these new laws, the Supreme Court ruled that it will be unconstitutional for any state to ban same-sex marriage (Malkin, 2016). Overall, with the legalizing of same-sex marriage, Mr. Peña Nieto declared that obtaining a passport for transgender people with their gender identity will not be a hassle any longer. SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS Within the article, two main sociological concepts came to my attention, values and social norms. In his speech, President of Mexico ad... ... middle of paper ... ... closer to the whole world accepting the fact that sometimes we are not who we look like... and that is okay. In summation, our world needs to accept change, since change is what thriving nations do to achieve higher grounds, they need to challenge one another to do better and stand up for what is right, just like Mexico City. Mexico City’s legalization of same-sex marriage had an influence on the whole country, demanding change. Our society needs to accept that our differences is what makes every one of use unique, having to accept one another for who they are and not judge them will create safer environments not for those affected but also for those who are surrounded by these individuals. Indeed, there are some individuals who still despise the legalization of same-sex marriage but the world is not a perfect place... people cannot have what they want at all times.

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