The Debate On Same Sex Marriage

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Same- Sex Marriage Legalization In society today there has been much controversy surrounding the debate on same-sex marriages and its legalization. The lesbian-gay-bisexual (LGB) community’s request for an amendment to the Marriage Act (1996) opened the door for the amplification of public ridicule and discrimination. The experience of discrimination during the struggle for the same rights and privileges as heterosexual couples caused continued stress for same –sex couples. Political campaigns were formed to oppose or support rights to civil marriage between same-sex couples . Religious leaders expressed attitudes and beliefs according to biblical principles in regards to the marriage union. Public opinions were formed and expressed by way of information provided, via the media. This issue has raised the eyebrows of politicians, religious leaders, and the public, causing the helping profession to usher in a new wave of band-aids/advocacy for the issue. Introduction According to (McLaughlin, 2013) article in the Washington Times, "Political parties struggle with the gay marriage issue." The question of gay marriages created a division within the political party. The Democrats were trying to find ways to accept same-sex marriages (SSM) while the Republicans were attempting to gain control of their traditional beliefs regarding the marriage union, especially with the presidential primaries coming in 2016. Neither political party wanted to seem insensitive to the LGB community’s request for the amendment to the Marriage Act(1996). If granted, the bill would allow same-sex couples to get married and have all the benefits of a traditional married couple (McLaughlin, 2013). Meanwhile, some public officials bluntly opposed the Supr... ... middle of paper ... ...ture; Religious leaders expression of biblical beliefs appossing any affiliation to platforms that supported (SSM); Public opinion cohered by mis-information given via the medi exciting negative opposing views; and finally amplification of discrimination agianst sexual minories. The combining all these obstacles caused great stress for the (LGB) community, and research has show that stress from discrimination can affect their emotional and behavioral functioning.The (LGB) community not being afforded the same privelges as the hetrosexual community reinforced discrimination and stigmas related to sexual identity. The stigmas on sexual minories have resulted in chronic stress for their community. Although. the (LGB) community have been granted their request for the legalization of (SSM), the aftermass from their struggle mandates that supports and service be available.

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