The Debate On Nature Vs Nurture

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Over the course of studying genetics, scientists have long debated over the discussion nature versus nurture. Many studies have been done regarding the controversial issue, and what truly takes place during a human’s developmental process. Studies related to adoption, twinhood, and the immediate family have all been tried and tested, and although genetics plays a huge role in a person’s genetic makeup, we find that an individual’s environment also plays a significant role in everyone’s personality and phenotype. Family studies are often not as cited as twin and adoption studies, but nonetheless they are still a valid and important piece in this discussion of nature versus nurture. Family studies are mostly used to track the risk of relatives developing mental disorders that other family members were currently suffering from. It must also be taken into consideration that these types of studies do not tangibly express outside factors, such as family environment and culture. These studies are performed using molecular genetic studies, where DNA is extracted from participants ' blood samples and the correlation between the DNA and the observed behavior is projected (Haimowitz). The most common molecular genetic study is called linkage analysis. This type of study tries to locate a specific gene on a chromosome in the human body. Suicidal behavior takes a spike among relatives of suicide victims, however, the singular cause of this trend is unclear. A study was conducted to figure out if the cause of this behavior was genetic or something completely different. It first compared relatives of suicide victims with relatives of demographically similar adolescents. First-degree relatives of suicide victims, had a greater likelihood of suic... ... middle of paper ... ...ignificant role in their daily lives, however, the environment surrounding the adoptees plays almost an equally significant role. Prior to the research, it was commonly known that an individual’s genotype was a heavy role player in their personality, as well as their physical appearance. However, with technology advancing the way it is, research has been showing that that has not necessarily been the case. We can acknowledge the fact that the environment also plays a significant role in a human’s traits. Whether it is two twins separated at birth, studying cases of adoption, or an overall study of a family, researchers have determined that the individual is almost as equally influenced by the environment that it is by their genetics. I am personally excited to see where research can take our society now that we understand how we develop as humans and as a community.

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