The Debate About Violent Video Games

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If you have not heard, there is a debate going on about violent video games. The reason for this debate is because of violent crimes committed by youth. Many people blame violent video games for these crimes; they believe that they commit crimes like the ones in those games. Detractors disagree; they believe that violent video games have benefits for playing those types of games. Both sides have articles on a web site called which shows an copious amount of information for both sides. The “con” side gives out a more logical argument based on facts and statistics. The “con” side has a more convincing article filled with more facts and is based more on reason rather than emotion.
There are two sides to what people think of violent video games. There are the pros and the cons. People tend to lean more to the cons side as seen in this quote, “The arrest rate for juvenile murders has fallen 71.9% between 1995 and 2008. The arrest rate for all juvenile violent crimes has declined 49.3%. In this same period, video game sales have more than quadrupled.” As you can see the fact of this quote is that murders have not been committed as much and crime has dropped at the same time violent video game sales have raised. The “con” side is based on facts not emotion like the “pro”. You can see in the quote that you read earlier has statistics and not what people feel or believe which in this case is more reasonable. Ok let’s say that you read an essay similar to this topic and they talked about what people feel about youth playing violent video games, and now let’s compare that with juvenile crime committed by youth have dropped 49.3%. That’s not the same is it? Ok if someone were to say that violent video games still corrupt the youth...

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...times, this is a more logical fact though.
As you can see the “con” side uses more facts and reason rather than using emotion like the “pro” side. Because with all the facts used by the winning side (CON) they overcome the losing side (PRO). Now if you read this article you should try it out yourself go play a violent video game and see what happens to your behavior. Now it is my turn to really say what’s on my mind and why I chose the “con” side. The reason for me choosing the con side is because to me there really is no effect I know a lot of people who play violent video games and not one time have they tried something so stupid seriously would you commit a crime because you saw it in a video game I know I wouldn’t. The only thing I do believe in is that they make a law and enforce it, that people under the age fifteen should not be allowed to play M rated games.
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