The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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Canada is a country of change, especially when it comes to our legal system and criminal justice. Daily, we are examining the progress of social issues and standards of fairness. In today’s culture, it may seem fitting that bringing back capital punishment would put an end to- or at least slow down- violence. However, this is not the case. The death penalty should not be brought back to Canada as it is an immoral and unjust sentence. Carrying through with it will not end human indifferences- whether it be social or economic class divisions. Discriminatory effects not only inexplicably enforce the punishments on blacks and the poor, but means of law are rejected. Punishments, whether they are as severe as death, must serve a valid purpose; especially when dealing with such an uncivilized and unusual punishment. Our legal system emphasizes the protection of the rights of the accused. Bringing the penalty back will not defend all citizens in the same way that it will not be able to terminate violence. A better idea would be to rehabilitate those that are guilty. It is mandatory that States provide equality before the law for their citizens. If it is not going to be carried out for protective reasons, then it should be illegal to execute anyone. Race is a key determinant for victims in the Canadian justice system. Capital punishment- which is the legally authorized punishment by death for a crime- dates back to Canada’s earliest history. For those that do not have to deal with it, it may not be apparent. But for particular groups, including African Americans and Aboriginals, they feel attacked when they must deal with police and lawyers. In the article Unequal Before the Law, it was found that racial minorities evaluate police perf... ... middle of paper ... ...n staff can be trained to be more uplifting and less aggressive towards the rehabilitation progress of their nonaggressive convicts. If they can obtain decent jobs once they are released, then there is a smaller chance the felons will return to their old ways. There is no way of predicting who will become a delinquent and who will not. However, this serves as a cautionary reminder that criminals start at a young age. If there is going to be any justice in Canada, we need to offer adequate services so that young offenders can break their habits. Forty years later, Canada continues to fight on without capital punishment. Society has a right to punish criminals, however the punishment must fit the crime. We should not bring the sentence back thinking there is a possibility it will deter crime. There is not any information to back up the likelihood of this happening.

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