The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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Many people believe that even though states were given the right in the state constitution to put an inmate to death, they still should not practice the death penalty. People believe that the death penalty can be susceptible to error, and that it is very cruel and unusual. Each state should use the right that they have been given to put an inmate to death if the inmate was found guilty for any heinous act. The history of the death penalty The death penalty has been a part of our history for as long as 1600 BC. In 1608 AD Captain George Kendall was the first recorded execution in North America (Baker). He was executed by firing squad for his crimes of spying on the Spanish government.The death penalty was first established to prevent actions such as stealing, treason, murder, and all other sorts of crimes. There has been many other executions reported in history. Thirty-eight Native Americans were hanged simultaneously for the crimes of murder, rape, and kidnapping committed during the Dakota War. 1917 thirteen African American soldiers were hanged for the participation of the Houston Riots. The money towards inmates. The death penalty is only legal in thirty-one states but few states use the right that they are given. The government spends millions of tax dollars a year to feed, clothe, and house inmates. Many of those inmates are on death row, or committed a crime that should have put them on death row. Some inmates have been on death row for over 30 years due to many reasons. An inmate can repeal the case many times to put off their execution, or the state decides not to spend the $100 to put them to death. With our tax dollars going towards the housing and feeding of these inmates, people are beginning to get fed up. I... ... middle of paper ... ...eptable. This shows that most people do believe that there should be equal consequences for actions, but many believe that it is not acceptable. Very confused I looked forward to see why each person chose what they chose. Most of the responses to why people said that it is not morally acceptable to kill an inmate is because it is wrong to kill people. I then think about the article that I read about most people believe it is wrong to kill a person until that person has harmed them or their loved ones. Many of the people that chose that it is right to put an inmate to death said that their should always be consequences for actions, and if the action is as severe then the consequences should be as severe. This survey showed me that my classmates have an independent mind set on certain debatable topics, and that most of them would vote for the use of capital punishment.

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