The Death Penalty Should Be Legal

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Our country has a huge amount of debt, some of which is caused by unnecessarily providing for criminals who have committed crimes worthy of death. The removal of such people could dramatically help America’s debt. The only way to safely remove such people is with the death penalty. However some people do not believe the death penalty should be legal, but they are so wrong in their beliefs. The death penalty should be legal and should be used more often in order to help people rest easy and aid in repairing financial state of our country. The financial state of America is in falling apart. The country has debt that exceeds trillions of dollars. Many things cause this problem and one of the major ones is the judicial system. Currently there are over 2.2 million adults serving time in prison. Approximately 1/9 of prisoners are serving a life sentence, which means that over 240,000 people are serving life sentences in the United States. It costs between $14,603 and $60,076 to keep these people alive, so that means that the government is wasting millions of dollars a year just to keep murderers, rapists and thieves alive. This does not account for the growing number of people sentenced to life in prison due to population growth. If the death penalty were to be used on these people this cost would decrease considerably and the government would be losing less money a year. This could possibly lower taxes or free up money that is basically gained from the use of the death penalty to be used somewhere else. Although cost is not the only benefit associated with the death penalty, the death penalty also serves to decrease the amount of people in prison. Unfortunately many people are sent of jail every year for various offenses and receiv... ... middle of paper ... ...ple feel secure. Generally a person who has killed or raped another person is publically feared and despised. That person’s existence is a threat as well as an impairment to other people. The removal of a person like this only serves to aid people in their lives. The death penalty does just that it erases them from the equation it allows people to carry on and go through their day to day life without the threat of unknowingly being around to someone who has committed a serious crime. The death penalty has no negative effects and can only help America’s current situation. It would help lower the debt the nation faces and keep its people safe, happy and functioning. The only reasonable choice would be to legalize it, making the death penalty no longer an option only serves to damage the nation’s wealth, prison system and negatively impact the lives of its civilians.

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