The Death Penalty Should Be Legal

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The death penalty is not abominable or in any way prejudiced. The death penalty should be legal in various state. The death penalty is not for people who have made small mistakes or people who have committed petty crimes, but for those who have committed truly diabolical and egregious acts. The death penalty is needed. It not only punishes people who have broken the law, but also sinned against humanity for taking the life of another. Once someone has taken a guiltless life that person should have no right to live. The death penalty is used for very serious crime, ones that will put a person in prison for the rest of his or her life, such as treason, murder, rape, torture, larceny, treason, kidnapping, etc. The death penalty is given for many reasons, so prisoners do not just waste away in prison, so taxpayers do not have to pay for their living expenses, and even for the solace of the families of the victims. There is a lot of controversy about the death penalty, though some people believe that it is inhuman, cruel, and that every person has a right to live, but other people disagree. "Simply because an execution method may result in pain, either by accident or as an inescapable consequence of death, does not establish the sort of 'objectively intolerable risk of harm ' [quoting the opinion of the Court from Farmer v. Brennan], this means the death penalty may cause pain for the criminal but that does not make it cruel and unusual. Once a criminal case is heard and he gets the death sentence he can appeal and appeal it over and over until the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case or the court makes a decision. This tends to happen a lot and it costs the state thousands and thousands of dollars. Prisons today ... ... middle of paper ... ...s. While this is going on, it costs more to house prisoners on death row than in the general population.”so The main reason the death penalty cost is so high is because of attorney cost and constant appeals once the death penalty has been given. A person can appeal the court’s decision over and over until the appeal is denied. If after a criminal got a death sentence and was only aloud one appeal and just taken straight from there to be executed then the cost would be cut down so drastically that it would be much cheaper than that same criminal having life in prison, which is one of the main arguments against the death penalty. As a conclusion the death penalty is needed in this country to make people fear breaking the laws and as punishment for those who no longer deserve their lives because they have killed, raped, tortured someone, or some other abomination.

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