The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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In the book by Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves To Death, Postman states the different types of media, such as, command center, epistemology, info-action ratio, influences the way people think; these three concepts represent the social issue of the death penalty. The death penalty is a legal process where a person is put to death as a punishment for his or her crime. In this paper, there are various resources that informs how people take sides, whether they are for or against the death penalty. In many cases, people in the United States have different views on how the death penalty should be administered, and these arguments lead people into a question whether the death penalty should be abolished or maintained. People in the United States are strongly in favor of the death penalty because they think that criminals deserve the death penalty in order to achieve justice, and it also would prevent the crimes in the future. Some Americans say that those persons who found guilty of murder deserve the death penalty for it is considered as a symbol of violence. Their support for the death penalty increases every time there is an incident for homicide. According to 1988 Gallup Poll, they asked people about the the death penalty for people convicted of rape, 51 percent favored the death penalty and 42 percent were against it (Worsnop 3). These results reflected the support of the death penalty. In addition, some people say that a sentence to life imprisonment without parole is not a solution for prisoners convicted of homicide. Scully states: “There are at least two problems with it. First, when you have someone in prison for life without parole and that’s the ultimate sentence, and that person then kills another inmate or guard, what... ... middle of paper ... ...every ten African Americans me are in jail or prison on any given day, and more than 60% of people in prison of color” (National Coalition 2). It shows like people of color have been convicted more often than whites. People says that wrongful execution of an innocent person in an injustice and unacceptable. Professor Garret asserts: “The U.S should not focus on the DNA evidence that liberated the innocent. It should instead turn its attention to the non-DNA evidence that put the wrong people in jail to begin with” (Doyle 1). It illustrates that most crimes do not benefit DNA evidence and that causes at risk for wrongful convictions. In addition, Garret found that eyewitness misidentification helped jail the innocent in 76 percent of the false convictions (Doyle 2). This proves the information that shows inappropriate way of continuing to execute innocent people. “

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