The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Executing people for what they have done; homicide, kidnapping, illegal injection and so, has been a “vast” object at issue for years, since it is seen as a cruel, vicious way of punishment. Nevertheless, among numerous countries, states and ultimately, the public, death warrant has been attempted continuously while insisting it is brutal, but mostly; found that it can literally prevent people from committing a crime. Moreover, harshness is considered as the only way of hampering humanity from killing each other, but it actually is not. In spite of capital punishment, life parole is a nice way of incarcerate people, and there is a possibility of discharge. Discharge can be exceptional as people have the grasp to profit from life parole. Besides, due to the fact that death penalty and severity are not the only retributions to keep people away from wounding each other and because of its hazardous impact on them, capital punishment should be abolished since it contains a high risk of an unfair justice system, it is incompatible with human rights and human dignity, and it does not deter crime.

In the first place, death penalty has a high precariousness hazard, especially on human life. For over centuries, abundant crimes have been committed and predominantly, families of victims gave statements. By evaluating and investigating those statements, governments that had death penalty punished criminals yet they did not know if the person was really innocent and just accidentally gave the concurrent statement or not. Even if 140 people released from death row since 1973, this method caused 10 people to be executed even though they were found innocent after strong evidences (Death Penalty Information Center) (Wikipedi...

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