The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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The death penalty is no doubt a just punishment to any person that purposely takes another man’s life. The Bible confirms that “whosoever shades man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man.” (Genesis chapter 9 verse 6). But the first murderer in the bible; Cain, was not executed but was banished for life. It became clear that there is an error in the idea of killing someone that killed another person. Such people should be sentenced to life imprisonment in order to be free from every man’s blood. Abolition of the death penalty will be beneficial to our society because: there is a risk of killing the innocent, the poor that cannot afford good lawyers will always be victims, racial prejudice is an issue in death sentencing, the cost of prosecuting death penalty is over whelming, death penalty cannot stop murderers and killing does not give chance for criminals to change.

There is a risk of executing the innocent. Death penalty supporters do argue that it is safer to lose one innocent soul in erroneous execution once in a long while, than to keep serial murderers in our society and live in fear forever. This sounds interesting because it is not good for our society to be in fear all their life time. Yet it is hard to believe how many people who were jailed and afterward released in this country because they were wrongly imprisoned. There is no doubt that hundreds had died and continue to die by execution in Maryland, United States and all over the world for crime they did not commit. Imagine someone came out of his house to get some fresh in Onitsha - Nigeria, behold policemen had been ransacking the areas looking for an armed robber who escape on foot after a brief shoot out with the pol...

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