The Death Penalty Procedures By Speeding Up The Appeals Process

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Proposition 66 changes the death penalty procedures by speeding up the appeals process, establishing a time frame for death penalty review, and requiring appointed attorneys to work on death penalty cases. This proposition keeps the death penalty in place and helps compensate the victims’ families for their loss by making the criminal work while in prison (BallotPedia). Proposition 66 must pass because it will eliminate the worst criminals from society and ensure justice inside the citizens hearts. There are voters who are not in favor of Proposition 66. They say that, while keeping the death penalty, “the system has cost taxpayers about $5 billion” (The Times Editorial Board). In California, “one report estimated that the state could save $90 million each year by abolishing capital punishment” (qtd. in Dieter). Also, these voters argue that “at least 4.1 percent of all defendants sentenced to death in the U.S., in the modern era are innocent” (Ed Pilkington). The opposition claims that as these innocent people are convicted wrongly, it causes the real criminal to escape and not take responsibility for their actions. They say that it is the job of Californians to be sure that the ones convicted of a crime is truly the culprit. In addition, those who oppose Proposition 66 state that the proposition will “limit the ability to present new evidence of innocence in court” and therefore, increase the risk of innocence (Official Voter Information Guide).They say the shortened time frame will restrict them from finding additional information that may help the defendant’s case. However, these naysayers are egregiously ignorant to how Proposition 66 actually saves lives by sealing loopholes in the death penalty process, and preventing the c... ... middle of paper ... ...apital crimes has resulted in the execution of someone who was innocent” (Saunders – “Jerry Brown: No innocent inmates on death row”). Establishing a time limit for death penalty review, helps speed up the death penalty procedures and assures that the innocent is not framed. Proposition 66 seals all loopholes that allow true criminals to escape from and prevents them from framing innocent people. In the final analysis, Proposition 66 must pass in order to save taxpayers money, ensure the safety of Californians, and provide an open space for the evidence presented for the case. This proposition rids society of the worst criminals to protect women and children as stated in the universal declaration of human rights. Proposition 66 is a proposition that will set justice into victims’ hearts and provide citizens a sense of security and faith within the state’s government.

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