The Death Penalty Is Necessary Evil

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The Justice in Death.
Crime is a constant part of our universe. Evil, in varied forms has existed since the beginning of our world and it will never be completely eradicated. But for as long as crime has existed there are also punishments for those crimes. The death penalty is a necessary evil in today’s society, without it crime would run rampant in our society and heinous crimes that are committed would go unpunished. The death penalty is a volatile subject with many opposing views. As human beings we are morally obligated to preserve hold sacred all life. But what of a person who has committed murder? Should not their life be taken from them in return? Additionally, what of the crimes that are to horrific to even speak of? Such as crimes involving children. Would it be wise, or remotely just, to let an individual who has committed such atrocities to live their own lives unhindered to its natural end? It is our duty as a healthy and thriving society to make sure that all of our members are protected. Especially those that are the weaker among us, such as our children and our elderly. The death penalty should not be abolished because it is a just punishment for horrific crimes, it acts as a deterrent for capital crimes and it voids any chance one would have of being paroled.
Firstly, the death penalty should be utilized in cases of crimes that are committed against the defenseless among us, such as our children. An example of this would be the case of the nine-month old baby girl, who was abused so horribly she eventually died. The man who committed this evil is in prison; but is this justice? He took this precious baby’s life away from her, but yet he gets to live his life out to its natural end. Additionally, what of the crime...

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... it safe for them to be released in the off chance they are changed, and will not return to their evil ways? Personal choices are what put people in prison and even if their personality changes, what crimes they have committed do not.
The death penalty is a just punishment for capital crimes, it helps to denture further crimes and it also insures there would be no parole. These are all reasons why it should not be abolished. These above and many more are reasons for keeping the death penalty. Of course in most crimes it is too harsh of a sentence, however it should not be abolished. There are still monsters among us who this punishment should be reserved for. They are the ones who lurk under our beds, they are the horrors never spoken allowed and they should be treated as such. The death penalty is the only option that should be considered for people such as these.
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