The Death Of Zachary Taylor And The 12th President

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July 9, 1850 is the day that Zachary Taylor died. The official report on his death claims that he died of being exposed to the sun for too long and then eating milk, cucumbers, and iced cherries. He surprised his body with the raw food he ate, and his internal organs shut down. Basically he saturated his body with water. But some still claim he was poisoned. Why would anyone want to kill the 12th president? He served only one and a half years in office, and during his presidency has no notable accomplishments. Zachary Taylor became the 12th president in 1849, representing the Whig party. The south thought he would be a good representative, as he was a slave owner himself, but they were very wrong. After gaining new territory from Mexico, the Secession Crisis of 1850 broke out as the North and South fought over what to do with the new territory. Despite being a slave holder, Taylor actually opposed of the expansion of slavery, claiming it was a "social and political evil". Researchers say this is the only logical explanation if he was actually poisoned. In 1991, Zachary Taylor's ...

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