The Death Of Socrates And The Death Of Sardanapalus

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Now that there is an understanding of the paintings and their history we will compare and contrast the elements of design of each painting. The first element of design that will be looked at is line. Line has two characteristics, one is direction and the other is linear quality. Direction of line is “related to our experience of gravity” (Notes). These lines can be either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal lines are calm and balanced lines as seen in “The Death of Socrates”. Vertical lines “defy gravity” (Notes) and contain dynamic lines. Dynamic lines are diagonal lines that give art work a sense of movement, implied action. They use of vertical lines is best seen in “The Death of Sardanapalus” because of the dynamic use of lines in the painting…show more content…
Unlike David, Delacroix used “imprecise, quick, sketchy, and emotionally charged lines” (Notes) in his painting. With these lines they give implied action and movement and also present a use of directional forces. Directional forces are “paths for the eye to follow provided by actual of implied lines” (Notes). In Delcroix painting you can start at the focal point which is Sardanapalus looking down, then you travel throughout the painting and actually ending up back at Sardanapalus. “The Death of Socrates” uses directional forces too but “The Death of Sardanapalus” use of lines create more movement in the…show more content…
Atmospheric perspective is where “forms which are far in the distance lose their clarity and sharpness due to dust and moisture in the atmosphere” (Notes). In “The Death of Socrates” the women in the back ground are examples of atmospheric perspective. Even though you can tell they are women they are not clear like the men that are in the painting. In “The Death of Sardanapalus” the figure that are in the dark near the bed in also an example of atmospheric perspective. Even though they have common characteristics there are differences too. A difference between the two painting is that in “The Death of Socrates” painting there is a foreground, middle ground and background, but in “The Death of Sardanapalus” painting it is tipped up towards the viewer because of the use of dramatic

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