The Death Of My Baby Brother

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Some things in life, you truly never see coming. They appear out of the blue, like a meteor that refuses to be destroyed, burning bright in the upper atmosphere until it crashes down, creating a hollow pit in the peaceful area that was your simple life. Sometimes I after the impact it becomes a dark and terrifying clouds obscures the sun making you lose sight of what’s right in front of you. Other times surviving the initial blast opens your eyes to how truly lucky you are to be alive. The birth of my baby brother was defiantly a lot of both. His birth tested our family by showed us the obvious weakness in it and led my mother to leave her abusive relationship his father. Change is always a destructive process, in the moment it’s chaotic and rarely can you understand what it’s leading to. Looking back it was for the best. Our family as of now is happy and successful even if we are not a “family” anymore. It all started when my mother met Chris. She stumbled across him while working as a waitress at a restaurant, trying to precarious balance raising two kids by herself and going to nursing school full time It was a large order indeed. They started dating and after a few whimsical months they were married. I Remember the wedding clearly. Dressed in my tuxedo, I was so happy for both of them, and for myself. Growing up I never knew my father and now I was excited to finally have one. Things were good for a little while. But as Chris starting drinking more he changed from the caring man my mother knew and loved to a vicious uncaring man. Sometimes I didn’t understand why she stayed with him, but in her mind being married meant trying to work though problems no matter how daunting so she tried mostly for my brother and me. Then out ... ... middle of paper ... ...again. He really did shape up, that was the best part. As far as I know he is total sober today and has a good relationship with his son. Things in life seldom go as planned, or predicted. When rowan was born I thought that he would have to endure the turbulent and abusive lifestyle my brother and I had dealt with the short time we were together. I thought that my mother’s marriage would be a happy one, I was wrong about both. Both were flipped three hundred and sixty degrees, spun out of control like a broken compass. But somehow the direction of that compass was still true. We all were led to exactly where we were meant to be in life. Rowan showed all of us what we were made of, even if the foundations were weak, even if the building was an ugly one, even if it collapsed we still lived in it, and using the rubble we constructed something beautiful out of it.
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