The Death Of An Innocent Boy

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changed when she witnesses the death of an innocent boy. After that incident, she states: “I’m not going to sit back and watch my babies die, Lord, even if that’s if that’s what You in Your great wisdom decide” (Alvarez 162). By thinking this, she has accepted that pretending Trujillo’s reign does not affect her is a lie. Patria chooses to become more than just a mother to her children. She states that she will not watch her children die. This means that she includes others as well. Patria is a mother figure who decides to protect others beside only her blood relatives. By choosing this she violates the norms of only thinking of her children and family. Another time in which Allende portrays choosing outside the norm is when Minerva asks her sister to take care of her child while she is away: “But Minerva, your own child – ’ I began and then I saw it did hurt her to make this sacrifice she was convinced she needed to make” (Alvarez 155). Minerva asks Patria to care for her child, Manolito. She quits being with her son in order to fight in the revolution. Even though Minerva is pained by her choice she has to make, it shows how she believes that revolution will benefit her child. She gives up being simply just a mother, in order to become the hope of her country. This is a hard because “the media plays a major role in constructing how people perceives the relationship between motherhood and work” (Lanchover). Minerva not only faces the struggles within herself, but also of other people judging her choice. Although Minerva’s child is important to her so is the revolution. Apart from choosing to go against family expectations, in Daughter of Fortune, Patria again deviates from the norm of being just a simple mother and wife. Afte... ... middle of paper ... ...self –mockery in her voice” (Alvarez 288). This shows that Dede is not only terrified for her sister’s life, but also fears being left alone. They grew up together and naturally they have developed a bond with each other. She fears what Trujillo might do to her sisters and she even tells them that if something were to happen to them she would not be able to continue on living. This shows the love between siblings as a strong bond that will never break. Both Allende and Alvarez portray the same themes differently. Their stories are proof that universal themes exist and will continue on existing. Although Allende focuses more on love between lovers while Alvarez has a range of love between lovers to love between family members, both authors present common human experiences. For that reason, their novels emphasize mundane task that lead to the greater things in life.

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