The Death Of A Patient Sits And Waits

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A 65 year old terminal cancer patient sits and waits. Everyday her pain increases and the treatment to ease her pain has ceased to work. She wants to escape the pain; she wants to be at peace. The doctors tell her to wait and be patient because she has less than 6 months to live so, she should just fight through, but she cannot, she does not have any fight left. She has had cancer for five years, she has been on a roller coaster of good and bad days since her diagnosis. She is tired. She has requested to participate in Assisted Suicide but, unfortunately, in the state that she lives in, it is illegal. Her daughter visits her in the hospital every morning before she goes to work and seeing her daughter cry while seeing her mother in pain and be financially burdened due to medical expenses, breaks the women’s heart. Instead of quicken her expiration date, escaping her pain and easing her daughter’s breaking heart; she must, sit and wait while looking through the window beside her hospital bed and wishing that the pain would go away. Assisted Suicide should be legalized so stories like this one’s no longer exist. For many decades the topic of Assisted Suicide has been very controversial, the thought of death in this society is already taboo as is, however adding the idea of allowing a doctor; who has the title in many individual’s minds as a “life-saver”, aid in death is uncharted territory, that many cannot imagine exploring. Many people claim that this practice is not only biblically unjust but also inhumane. When a topic such as this one has so many different variables and facts, it is difficult to just base viewpoints on this topic based off of the Bible or whatever Holy Book an individual references. It is clearly stated in ... ... middle of paper ... ... act of the doctor removing the tube, not the patient’s body having enough and giving up so in reality in both cases the doctor is still the “murder” but it is considered biblically appropriate to remove a person from life support, right? What is the difference? The cause and effect in both cases is very similar. Individuals who are suffering from an incurable and progressive disease should be able to request Assisted Suicide if they choose to do so. Pain is subjective and no one other than the person who is experiencing the pain should be able to make that decision. Assisted Suicide is not all bad nor all good but just like everything there are pros and cons however in this situation the pros outweigh the cons. Allowing American choose when to end their suffering and pain does not mean that we are a country filled with freedom and that citizen’s voices matter.
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