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In James Joyce’s “The Dead” the main character, Gabriel, is introduced as a wealthy, upper class man who is present at a Christmas party hosted by his aunts, Katie and Julia Morkin. Gabriel feelings and events within the story are important focal points for the reader. Throughout the story, the author uses nature to show us how the character is feeling. Snow is used to help us readers understand what is going on with the characters during certain events throughout the story. The author is able to portray Gabriel’s emotions, feelings and thoughts through the snowy climate within this short story. The reader is told about the tale of the family and the different members of the family of, Gabriel, an affluent man. Joyce almost romances the reader with images of a happy loving family gathering. He has us fall for the couples at the party. We come to embrace each couple. His use of alliteration and emotional descriptions only makes this connection to the characters stronger. The feeling is strongest for the protagonist in the story Gabriel. We learn of his love for his wife and his desire to have things the way they were at the beginning of the relationship. We feel the acceleration of the story and look forward to seeing his spouse reciprocate these feelings and tell him how much she loves him and how she wants things to be “brand new again. What happens next is shocking and very interesting. She reports to our protagonist that she still has exciting feelings about a man she knew before her husband. She even explains how he loved her greatly and may have even died for her. He realizes that although their relationship was always a good on and that he is a good man; he can never be the man that gave his life for her. Joyce succeeds in... ... middle of paper ... ...t the book. The only way for him to get over the pain is to accept the fact that he will have to deal with Gretta’s mourning for her first love, if not then he will feel lifeless for the rest of his life. Many times we are troubled by others opinions and surrounded by our own pain. We are able to advance by encouragement from other people that take risks and that are brave enough to get through obstacles in life. Gabriel at first was angered by the wives actions but he was able to move and accept it, which is seen by the way the snow changes throughout the story. A sacrifice, which in no way would have been possible if he had not experienced the realization within the story. The snow helped us readers to see the change of feelings and emotions throughout the story. Instead of rejecting what people have to say we have to learn to accept the differences and move on.

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