The Day Of The Night

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As the DeSoto family had decided after leaving the NSU for the night, Roy got up early enough to spend some time with Joanne and the kids before leaving for the hospital. All four of them felt it was important that someone at least somewhat familiar would be there to help Johnny during his meals since he was still struggling to do so himself. Promising to see them later, he headed to the hospital and was there just as the NSU day nurse was finishing up the first vital checks of the day. “Good morning, Johnny,” Roy greeted. “‘Orning,” Johnny returned through a yawn, rubbing his eyes. “Why you here so early?” “I thought if you didn’t mind, I could help you with breakfast again,” Roy told him, helping him to sit up. Shrugging carefully, Johnny didn’t answer. “Well, the breakfast tray will be here in a minute or two,” the nurse told them. “I just peaked around the corner and saw them. It’s up to you though Johnny. I’d be more than willing to help you if you’d like. Although, it seems like your Uncle Roy came here early to help you and in my eyes, that says a lot about how much he cares about you.” Blushing, Roy nodded his thanks towards her, not aware that she 'd been appraised of the situation by Doctor Druthers and Doctor Early, nor that there were notes inside of John’s chat to have the nurses encourage the Johnny to interact with the DeSoto family, along with Mike Stoker and anyone else Roy or Joanne felt was best. The nurses were also told to find ways to reinforce the fact that the DeSoto family really did care about him. “Thanks,” Roy mumbled. “No problem. I’m just glad he has such a great family looking out for him,” she said truthfully. “I’m Nurse Aylen Andrews, I don’t believe we’ve met face to face yet. I’ll be with Johnny ... ... middle of paper ... ...hang on while I take this to the nurses ' desk, okay?” Roy said, not letting on to the fact he had seen Dr. Druthers outside John’s room just now. As he was exiting the room, he closed the door part way to talk to the doctor without Johnny overhearing. “So, when did you come in?” Roy questioned Karl. “The nurse heard some raised voices and decided it might be best to call me,” he admitted. “I think she heard you talking about the injuries and may have been worried about how he reacting. I was going to leave when I heard you two going on about the oatmeal and well, what can I say, after that, I stuck around a bit.” Nodding, Roy stuck the tray into an empty slot of the food tray cart. “I wanted to see if you could handle things on your own first,” he went on. “I have to admit that you did better than I would expect of someone just learning to deal with a family member.”
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