The Day Of The Dead: Dia De Los Muertos

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The Day of the Dead also known as Dia De Los Muertos occurs on November 2, the day after the Dia De lots Inocentes which happens to fall on November 1st ,which in translation means the day of the innocents or the day of the little angels. These rituals are highly known in Mexico, Latina America, Spain, Italy, South America , Philippines and some parts of the United States, they are mainly celebrated in Catholic based countries and people. It 's been a ritual and tradition that many indigenous people have been celebrating for the past 3000 years. It 's a day believed that the deceased spirit will come back and return to us. The day of the dead is in away a festival and celebration in which people remember those they lost and believe that they are still with us spiritual. Rather then being sad that their loved ones have passed like in many other cultures and…show more content…
It is a day in which the spirits of our dead relatives and loved ones return to earth and join the living in spirit to join celebration. In many religions, death is not a symbol of sadness and grief it 's a symbol of happiness and the journey in which one takes to return to us from the after life. It 's a day in which we honor the dead by celebrating the life they have lived rather then the deaths they had suffered no matter whether it was a peaceful or a tragic death. This ritual has always fascinated me from a young age, once I discovered this ritual I always wondered what it was about and how its celebrate I 'm glad I had the opportunity to finally discover the true. After researching this topic I enjoyed the fact that they had a day for children known as the loss of innocence and a day to recognize the adults separately. Because when it comes to children it 's always hard, people will still morn their loss of their young child even after so many

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