The Day Of The Church

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The very first thing that stood out to me when I entered the Church was the way it was build. It wasn’t just merely a big hall or building, it looked like a traditional Church, like the famous ones in Europe, but smaller. Nevertheless, I thought it was impressive. It consisted of many arch structures, had a huge alter, a very big cross hanging from the ceiling and many more crosses scattered throughout the Church. The windows weren’t see through but rather were paintings depicting Jesus’s life story and angels. Moreover, there were sculptures all around the church, some large with multiple characters and some smaller ones. Also, instead of chairs in rows, there were long wooden benches, called pews, which had cushions were people could kneeled on during the service. Another big thing I noticed was that there were young children and teenagers (called ministrants) who helped the Pastor do various tasks and rituals throughout the ceremony. In the beginning I felt like the service was ‘all over the place’ and not having a specific focus. However, that was probably because I was not familiar with the order of service. There were various readings that were done and after the reading there would be a “dialog” between the reader (or Pastor) and the audience, in which the reader would say something and the audience would respond as a unit. After about 25 minutes, the Pastor actually began to preach and I started to see the theological theme of this service, which was “Change your Heart”, meaning that we have to open up our heart to God and make changes within our own lives in order to become Christ-like. Although I found the order of the service a bit confusing, I think the music, program and overall atmosphere helped me experience the di... ... middle of paper ... ...d kneel before entering the pew and again make the Sign of the Cross. Moreover, at my church the people always bring their Bible, and the church would hand out a program with some space to take notes. However, at the church I visited, no one brought a Bible or took notes. They were dedicating their entire attention to the service. Also, at my church the audience nod or say “Amen” during the service to show that they agree with what is being said, yet, at the church I visited the audience was engaged all the time. The pastor would say something and all of the audience responds, it was very interesting. Moreover, I did not see anyone who was on their phone, which I do see frequently at my church. Interesting, also was that during the latter part of the Mass, before receiving the Communion, the people would keel down in their pew, showing their surrendering before God.
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