The Day My Best Friend Died

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Ten Year Old Commits Suicide

On the fourteenth day of October 2008 year of my life, I was a frustrated fellow. I woke up to heart breaking news about losing my best confidant friend, and at a tender age of fifteen. At first, it was not a realizable incident; there was no way I was going to accept that degree of collateral damage of losing the only thing that I knew for the past decade of my life. It later dawned on me that it was an event that I had zero controls over and as such, there was no way that I was going to reverse the condition. Denial of her saddened set in that moment and it pained me that I hadn’t been there for her as a friend when she needed me most, or at least realized that there was something amiss in her of late.

Ever since her demise, my life has taken a turn for the better in trying to understand what event led to such decisions that she took. Sarah was a year older than me and we shared the same everything. She came to be a person that saw anything and everything even before I saw it coming. Therefore, I embraced her opinions and suggestions. She was my angel always being there for me. Talking to her was a prayer to God; free of judgment supportive loving and assuring were characters that put her in the lime light, shining to the full brim. I remembered we used to spend every piece of our childhood time together. When it stormed, we curdled together under the bed always encouraging ourselves that the storm will come to pass. At happy hour, we found joy in riding our identical bikes down five blocks and playing hide and seek in my dad’s garage, these memories are so hard to delete from my memory. When they burn in my brain, it hurts that I know I will never live to see these moments again.


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...y view on how I viewed her death. In the note, she explained that she took out her life for the better good of her family. She hoped that by committing suicide, her family will reunite and dad will stop the fighting. Also, the community will learn from this and know that much as such events occur with the assumption that kids are not aware of what is happened, they are fully aware of everything. To keep her alive in my heart, I decided to carry on her legacy by talking to many people. I have been able to start a small club that is reaching out to many families encouraging them to embrace peace. I will get a sponsorship for a guidance and counseling club for the school; specifically adopted in memory of Sarah. Sure enough, I will live to create a room for my best friend and mentor in my heart till I depart from this earth. In my prayers, I will ask for her mercy.

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