The Dark Secret of India

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Balram uses his skills as an entrepreneur to always speak fondly of his master, even in the presence of other servants. He bides his time and trust with his Mr. Ashok, even when he believes they are to replace him. (When offered various vices for his master, Balram responds) “No my master does not need these, he is a good man” (106). Balram also begins to change his appearance to better himself in the eyes of his master’s, as well. One night after drinking, Balram is in a disheveled state, and even scratches himself in front of Pinky Madam. She is mortified, and demands that he take better care of himself, mocking both his appearance and behavior (123). Pinky Madam’s cruelty shows how clueless she is to his life, but it also allows Balram to learn how to better handle himself in front of his master’s. He takes this opportunity to brush his teeth, change his looks and habits, and turn into someone who would be from the light, even if he is just pretending. We can especially see this when Balram successfully enters the shopping malls where servants are prohibited. He has learned to copy his master by wearing white colored clothing and dark shoes; something that one of fortune would dress in. He is able to gain access, even just to wander for a few moments, and proves himself capable of what no one from his background could imagine (128). We also see Balram’s ascension of status through a complete mistake. One night when driving the couple into town, Balram is required to wait in the car as he has done on many occasions. Bored, he wanders away from the servants who burn plastic to keep warm, an example of poverty in the globalized world with plastic everywhere, re appropriated by the poor to stay warm, and runs into a gentlemen... ... middle of paper ... ...f the hook when he accidentally killed someone. Balram’s skills in life that he used to escape the corrupt world, turned himself into a corrupt individual, yet through these tactics, came out on top. Balram’s life started in the slums of Laxmangarh, where he was supposed to do nothing more than work, raise a family, and die. The world of India sets its people in the dark up for failure; in a world ruled by the wealthy, a corrupt government, and no chance for escape. The wealthy never notice what the poor desire, but the opposite is not true. Balram must even reject his own tradition, as he attempts to escape through his new entrepreneurial skills he has learned from those around him. The poor are held down by a social system of a prevalent caste system, the vicious rooster coop system, one can do nothing less than risk everything for even a chance too escape.
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