The Dark Night

analytical Essay
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701 words

In the city of Gotham, Batman gets awakened by the bat signal. He gets ready, but is alarmed when he hears a bomb go off near the football stadium. He knows that this has to be the work of the Joker. So he runs as fast as he can, and get in the Batmobile and rushes to the scene. Batman sees the destruction, dead bodies everywhere ,and the stadium torn to pieces. Batman looks for the Joker, but the joker or any of his henchmen aren't there at the scene. Batman leaves after hearing the sirens of the police ,and when he gets home the Joker’s face shows up on his tv’s and on his computer. Joker makes a public announcement on every television and computer in the city.
He said “I am going to blow up the whole city with a nuclear bomb, and if anyone tries to leave by the bridge I will blow up the bridge. The bomb will be set underground on top of the railroad tracks in the city, and it will detonate in exactly three hours.
Rushing as fast as they can, all of the Gotham Police Department goes for the bomb and they investigate the bomb, but they can’t find it that’s when they know it is a trap. What the officers don’t know is that the joker has put bombs at each end of the railroad tracks where the cops are at. The chief of the department yells as loud as he can “Run its a trap.” Right before anyone could leave the Joker blows up both of the bombs and the police department gets stuck underground.
(One hours to countdown) Batman starts training getting ready to fight the joker, the whole city has turned into chaos, windows everywhere smashed, people fighting each other, stores getting raided, just all madness has broken loose all over the city.
(Thirty minutes to countdown) Batman’s butler Alfred is using the latest equipment tryin...

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...n the bomb goes off, but Batman is so far underwater he did not affected by the blast. Everyone in the town including the police department hears the bomb go off then they all start clapping and cheering for they know that Batman has saved them all. Eventually the fire department and everyone else at the scene help clear the rocked in railroad and help the police department get out of there sticky situation.
(Two week later) The governor and the whole city have a special party thanking Batman for saving the city once again. The governor stands up and taps his glass with a spoon and says, “I would like to make a toast to Batman and thank him for saving the city once again.” I don’t think anyone of us would be here today if it wasn’t for him, so I would like to thank him wherever he is I would also thank everyone for coming, and please everyone have a good time.”

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how batman rushed to his batcopter as fast as he could. he saw the jokers base and creeped into the tunnel.
  • Narrates how batman is alarmed when he hears a bomb go off near the football stadium. batman looks for the joker, but the joker isn't there at the scene.
  • Analyzes how batman's training pays off as he lands a couple of punches on the joker. batman presses the deactivate button but the timer keeps ticking.
  • Narrates how batman rushes out of the tunnel, and gets in his batcopter above ground. he flies a far as he can with the bomb, then puts the batcopter on auto pilot and jumps away as batman dives under water.
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