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1624 words

Since ancient Greek times, the stories of heroes seemed to take the world by storm. Tales of these half-human half- gods intrigued many people and endured for centuries. This mythology has created one of the most successful movie genres in the world, making millions of dollars in box offices and sales in merchandise. The popularity of heroes did not go away over time, but rather it increased to a point where they are placed on a pedestal. Their stories and movies not only discuss important attributes people should have, but reflect the type of “savior” needed to fix the societal problems we face. The causes of their popularity are quite simple, people love entertainment and their ability to relate to the character. However, upon closer examination …show more content…

In the recent 2008 film “The Dark Knight”, Batman becomes this dark and menacing figure. The tone in his voice is lowered making the character more mysterious and making audiences feel a need to learn more about the character. As Julie Sancton, a reporter for Vanity Fair Magazine, says we as an audience are more drawn to ambiguous characters, since in these depressing times good has become more ambiguous, and evil has become more unsettling (Vanity Fair. Com). Good has multiples meanings due to the actions done for its sake. Actions such as murder, has been justified to show a much deeper feeling of humanity rather than the stereotypical “good” figure we have grown accustomed …show more content…

This makes the audience confused on whose side to take in the matter, since both heroes are considered on the side of good. Behind these civil war stories, both heroes face the problem of differences in beliefs. Similar to what is happening in the United States at the moment, civil disputes are becoming more common. Differences in political and religious beliefs are causing uproars in society and are what divide people into opposite sides instead of finding a common ground. In these movies, the heroes face these differing opinions and beliefs which causes them to battle against each other, which makes it relatable to audiences. The heroes allow their feelings of beliefs and opinions stand in the way of working with

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mythology has created one of the most successful movie genres in the world, making millions of dollars in box offices and sales in merchandise. heroes' stories and movies reflect the type of "savior" needed to fix societal problems.
  • Explains why the superhero culture is so popular. many of the stories originated from comic books, but about 2% of people actually read them and understand the entire story.
  • Opines that special effects and a-list celebrities have an effect on the genre's attraction, but they are not the most reasonable causes for its popularity.
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