The Dark Age: The Middle Ages And The Dark Ages

When the contemporary society is observed, it can be perceived that there are hidden influences from past cultures that constructed how many people live their lives. Past cultures have left many innovations and notions that have either been reimagined or have advanced into items and concepts that are still used today. The era that contained a generous portion of inventions and ideas that are still used or have influence the culture of today would be the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages have always been perceived as being the dark period, some people may even classify this period as being the Dark ages, in between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance. Sometimes, this period is classified into the Early, High, and Late Middle Ages. The Middle Ages have been known as the Dark ages for an elongated time because it rested in the center of two distinguished eras, and many people felt that no intellectual accomplishments were formed. In fact, the Middle Ages were a period where humanity did not take a step back, but took a few jumps forward. The people of this time period became completely devoted in their religion, which resulted in the expansion of Christianity. When Rome fell, their pagan religion was no longer practiced, and…show more content…
During this time period there were many inventions that are still used, such as the mechanical clock and the glassware. Without these basic ideas, there would not have been adaptations and recreations to make the some of the items that have taken a part of everyday life. There have also been many influences that have been left on society, such as the order of subjects that are taught in school. Some may say that this era is still considered the Dark Ages because it seems like a horrible time to live, but it is an important stepping stone from ancient cultures in society
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