The Darfur Crisis

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Introduction The “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) is a concept that has its roots in the philosophy of “Human Security”. Human Security can be defined as focusing on the individual human being as the referent object of security as distinct from the nation-state. R2P and Human Security have gathered impetus in the international community both in academic and policy spheres with a view to these concepts being justifiers for humanitarian intervention. Taking realism as the security argument that deals directly with state security, it is accepted that nation states have valid concerns in protecting their borders and populations within from external threats, be they military force or manifestations of problems stemming from disease or economic hardship. Recent events, including the Darfur Crisis, have highlighted threats to people, occurring in foreign nations to which realist political theory does not adequately offer solutions. A situation that people around the world growingly object to. R2P seeks to address this situation by combining existing realist concerns of sovereignty, with the human security ideals of freedom of the individual from hunger disease and repression. Key to the issue is the United Nations. The UN is an organization that has its origins as an international mediator charged to preserve peace and international security, not to protect innocents from genocide, though with the prevalence of R2P as a concept in international policy, it is now expected to do exactly that, in addition to its aforementioned role. Pressure from lobby groups representing human rights concerns has given impetus to the UN and governments world- wide to adopt a more human-centric outlook. Using th... ... middle of paper ... ...war1.htm Sudan-Second Civil War “Global” viewed 30 May 2010. International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect viewed 01 June 2010 International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect viewed 01 June 2010 SECRETARY-GENERAL DEFENDS, CLARIFIES ‘RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT’ AT BERLIN EVENTON ‘RESPONSIBLE SOVEREIGNTY: INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION FOR A CHANGED WORLD’ UNITED NATIONS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INFORMATION SG/SM/11701 VIEWED 01 JUL 2010 HTTP://WWW.UN.ORG/NEWS/PRESS/DOCS/2008/SGSM11701.DOC.HTM

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