The Dangers of Spam and How to Prevent It

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Introduction Let’s start by defining spam; irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients. Microsoft defines spam as an unwanted email trying to get information or sell you something [1]. This could be a fake email from your bank saying you need to authorize yourself, or even just a flyer trying to sell you anything from male enhancement to clothing. Next up let’s explain how to prevent spam mail. According to Vitaly Friedman the single biggest and easiest thing is to not say your email anywhere online [2]. He suggests that you have 2 email accounts one for personal or business contacts that is used only for personal emails to people you know and trust and the other is the one you put online to register for websites etc. So you’re probably wondering why spam is so bad if it’s just annoying emails of something trying to sell you something well there’s one more thing to worry about, viruses. Some spam is really easy to tell if its fake but others aren’t so easy [3]. Some spam is made to a “T” to look exactly like a big company and when you open them you could get a virus. These viruses could be anything from malware to hard drive corrupting computer killers. Finally let’s talk about how to remove spam. If you are getting spam unfortunately there is no way to stop spam once you are getting it. However there are ways to make sure you don’t see it. First let’s talk how about deleting, if you are getting spam there is nothing stopping you from just deleting the message [4]. Secondly there are ways to make sure you don’t see it. According to Adam Dachis just about every email server has a junk mail folder to separate spam. The server analyses the address and decides if its spam and if it is it ... ... middle of paper ... ...rify Roles Under Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation,”(Mondaq), [Online], (2014 February 12),, (accessed March 22, 2014) [6]Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, “Saving Private Email,” (IEEE Spectrum), [Online], (2003, August 1),, (accessed March 22, 2014) [7]Seth Kaplan, “How Antispam Software Works,” (Wired), [Online], (2003, April),, (accessed March 22, 2014) [8]Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, “Top spam-killer server program SpamAssassin gets new release,” (ZDNet), [Online], (2014, February 11),, (accessed March 22, 2014)

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