The Dangers of Hacking

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Electronic hacking - a silent perpetrator, breaking through our defenses unnoticed. These silent criminals are way more dangerous than they seem. It is one of the most easiest, yet most treacherous types of offenses. This can be done through the Internet, electronic devices, and even personal personal accounts can get hacked. There are numerous threats that hacking brings to our world today. Despite this appalling fact, there are measures we can take to prevent it. Electronic hacking can be a deadly in many ways, but there are ways to prevent being affected.

To begin with, on of the most common forms of hacking is done in a network that connects us all: the Internet. Through the Internet, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been hacked. In fact, the Syrian Electronic Army was able to hack the Cable News Network (CNN)’s Facebook and Twitter accounts (“Syrian Electronic Army Targets CNN.”). Social networks are not the only Internet related targets, though. You and your privacy may be at risk, too. Some casual websites that seem harmless actually can be a virused website with hackers. You may think that a site that has a secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS) connection is safe, but it could still be a dangerous site, since the HTTPS at the beginning of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) only signals that the owner paid for a security certificate (“Chrome Bug Allows Sites to Listen.”). This means that it can still be hacked or hack you. Furthermore, certain sites that have a legitimate purpose sometimes are actually designed to hack your computer. These websites work by taking advantage of privileges and errors in web browsers. One of such incidents is shown through Google Chrome. Google ...

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