The Dangers and Implications of Distracted Driving

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A lot of drivers that have alcohol in their blood don’t appear this way. Statistics have shown that even the tiniest amount of alcohol can influence the way you drive. As more people understand the many behaviors that can become aggressive and see their own behavior, they can become adapted to safer driving practices and manage risk more effectively. Many people believe that drinking and driving or texting and driving is okay if nobody gets hurt, well they’re wrong. Almost every time an accident happens that involves alcohol or dangerously using the phone, somebody gets hurt, and I am wanting to prove my statement.

There’s a certain amount of alcohol the body can take at a time. Alcohol is measured by how much alcohol is in your body over a period of time. Alcohol can alter sleep patterns, basic motor functions, and thoughts and emotions. It can also harm your memory (Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility). There are many different ways alcohol can affect the body. Most alcoholics usually start out as social drinkers. Nearly 7.82 million 12-20 year old girls reported consuming alcohol in the past year. 20% of the alcohol you drink goes straight to the blood stream. 0.10 is the legal intoxication for alcohol in most states. Blood Alcohol Concentration levels are given in milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood (Knox). Many people are unaware of how easily and quickly alcohol begins to affect the body. Many people have different effects when they drink alcohol. Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol and can be compared to getting a heart disease (Knox). Alcohol can become very dangerous. If there’s a lot of alcohol in a person’s blood, then it can lead to unconsciousness. The heart and lungs will be slo...

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...t your license revoked.

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