The Dangers Of World Hunger

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What do you think about when someone says world hunger? When we look at the words, world hunger, we see more than just a problem, we see a major issue for the world as a whole. The Word hunger, is derived from three terms. Webster mainly defines hunger as, "The uneasy or painful sensation caused by the want or craving for food." This being said we see hunger in the USA as a small ordeal. When our belly rumble we tend to go to a vending machine, or McDonalds, or our favorite eating diner. However, world hunger is a big issue, where there is no simply trip to a vending machine or McDonalds solutions. Not only does world hunger affect a large amount of the world and the children, but there are even more cases where this hunger can lead to many dangerous things such as death. World hunger is different from regular hunger. World hunger at best describes a hunger on a global scale, that deals with either malnutrition, or under nutrition. An example of this would be some familiar faces we normally all see when staying up late at night. We know that worldwide there are many countries that suffer from world hunger because of the lack of food, or a natural disaster that has left the food they have uneatable. A better example of this would…show more content…
World hunger is something that political parties can often take advantage of with false promises and doctrines built on lies. When in reality, it is a manipulation and desecration of a people who may not have the opportunities many of us have. These people are taken advantage of, and seen as nothing more than simple tools to be used to feed the pockets of greed and corruption. Many of the people in these countries will never make a full fair wage or salary which will be no help in the fight against hunger. The sad reality is, most of the major companies make more money off third world poor countries by taking advantage of the labor

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