The Dangers Of Vaccines: The Benefits Of Vaccines

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Vaccines have the possibility of protecting people from infectious diseases and viruses. Some do not agree to vaccinate. Even though some are hesitant when considering vaccines because of perceived fears, everyone should receive vaccines to protect themselves from the harmful viruses and diseases, because scientists have provided information proving their safety, vaccines are able to protect people from viruses and diseases, and there are many benefits of vaccinations. Vaccinations have benefits to protect people from harmful diseases and viruses. Many people are cautious when considering vaccinations since one's health is important. People are hesitant to receive vaccines because they believe that they do not have enough information on the…show more content…
People also believe that if they do not have the disease that they have no need to receive the vaccine (Franklin). “The thinking goes: Why take a chance and vaccinate my child for a disease he or she won't get, or at the worst will cause nothing more than a rash” (Franklin). Many people do not want to spend money and time on vaccines if a chance exists that their child will not get the disease or virus (Franklin). Most people are unaware about vaccines. Some may think that they do not need to receive the vaccine because there is a possibility they will not get the virus or disease (Franklin). People think there is not enough information on vaccines (Franklin). They think that vaccines have the possibility to cause autism (Franklin). A great deal of research has been conducted on the topic of vaccines (“Vaccines Still Best for Children”). In 1998, a study was published that said that there was a link between vaccines and autism. Since then there has been multiple studies, led by the Centers for Disease Control that have proven the link between them incorrect (“Vaccines Still Best for Children”). Some people have the misconceived idea that if there is a chance that they will not get the disease that there is no need to receive the vaccine (Franklin). It is important for people to receive vaccinations because the possibility of…show more content…
This is important because whoever receives these vaccines are able to benefit from what they provide. There are benefits of vaccines that are encouraged by many federal agencies. Many vaccine agencies promote vaccine use. “CDC negotiates large purchase contracts with manufacturers and makes the vaccines available to public immunization programs under the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program” (Heinrich). The CDC has programs that promote the use of vaccines for children and purchases a large amount to distribute to the population. There are many benefits of vaccinations that can help cure many viruses and diseases that people deal with
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