The Dangers Of Playing Football: The Importance Of Football

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Football, an American sport, has grasped the hearts and lives of people all across the world. Football is an aggressive and violent contact sport that hundreds of people gather to watch and enjoy with one another. Despite the obvious dangers of the game, I would allow my child to play because it teaches obedience, good worth ethic and proper teamwork. Football is a structured sport that although entertaining, it can also become intense and stressful. According to Emily Wolff, “One of the most important parts of playing football is learning to take instruction from authorities”. Before the players get to learn the plays and tricks, they must first learn the fundamentals of the game. If they can't follow simple instructions, how could you…show more content…
“Some days, putting on more than 10 pounds of padding and a helmet and lacing up the cleats just does not seem like a fun thing to do… But practice makes perfect, and preparation is needed to be successful.”(Hewitt) Football players are human, they get hurt, sick, tired and at times even lazy, but the difference between them and us is that despite all that they are feeling, they persevere through their obstacles. It takes a lot of a person to show up to a practice where they have to add extra weight and run with it on in addition to being under extreme weather conditions. “Often times kids don’t realize the commitment they’ve made…” (Wolff) Of Course, like any other task in life, you must practice in order to progress, you can't expect to be perfect at it on the first try. Players will have great practice days where they catch every pass and avoid all tackles, but for every perfect day, they receive two terrible days. A normal person would just quit knowing that ratio, but a football player uses that as motivation. They use that ratio to push themselves harder and harder to get the extra chance of a good…show more content…
While on such a large team,“kids will learn to develop the skills to make and keep friends, and work together with them.” (Wolff) When playing any sport, you will spend between five to seven days a week practicing with these people for about two to eight hours each day. When spending that much time with someone, there is no way you will not build friendships. In order to run a successful play, those eleven players on the field must unite their minds as one and play together as a team. “The friendship built amongst a team of football players is unlike any other sport… with dozens of players working towards one common goal, the bond many kids develop with each other is priceless.”(Hewitt) When reminiscing at their childhood, adults will not remember the person who sat behind them in their 7th grade English class or the person who asked them a question in their 8th grade algebra class, but they will remember the quarterback or the running backs that were on their team with them during their high school
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