The Dangers Of Genetic Engineering In Dr. Bohlin's Human Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering has been around since the early 1900’s, but did not became a common topic of discussion until the 1970’s. Many confuse genetic engineering with breeding, which is different due to it being a natural selection. Unlike breeding, GE instead is the process where genes are isolated and then blended/combined with others in order to produce a new species with specific characteristics. Many extremists have expressed their disapproval with genetic manipulation, some due to religious beliefs, and others due to the fear of what this can due to the human race. I the following I will provide pros and cons in regards to genetic engineering, and conclude with my overall beliefs of why we should or shouldn’t continue with these studies.…show more content…
In Dr. Bohlin’s essay, Human Genetic Engineering,” he discusses the concerns of gene modification being used to help engineer what society would deem as positive traits rooted on world views. Instead of gene modification being applied solely for the use of purposely aiding in progressive movement, it would be applied for the evolution of the human species. Many would not see this mutation in humans as natural instead it is something that is viewed as going against nature. In religious circles this would be deemed as playing god and going against God’s will, since we were created in his image and only he is the true…show more content…
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