The Dangers Of Cyberbullying: The Evolution Of Bullying

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When you think of a bully most people think of them as a big scary kid who pushes kids in lockers and throws their books on to the ground, well nowadays bullying is a lot different it can get to the extremes of punching, kicking, threats and even Blackmail. Bullying has evolved in ways to where they use today 's technology to upload stuff like pictures of the victims did not want shown, lies and terrible stuff that is unnecessary to be said instead of using the technology for what it was truly for which is called Cyberbullying.Some of the many ways bullying happens according to Sherri Gourdon is Physical,Verbal,Social,Sexual,Prejudicial, Relational Aggression and Cyber. But people can argue in ways saying “bully is ok because it gives the…show more content…
The Jamie Nabozny Story he lived in a small town in Wisconsin in Lake Superior and he finally decided to come out and tell his mother that he was gay and his mom already knew about she could just tell but his father was a little more shocked but he really wasn 't worried about his sexual preferences his father was more worried about about the harassment at Ashland Middle School and the same bullies went to Ashland high school, these bullies said such things as”hey homo” “Sup Faggot” and “ queer” and then that soon escalated into it becoming physical and practicality De-humanize him. Jaime decide to go talked to the principle of Ashland middle school…show more content…
Jaime decided to finally stand up and fight back he decided to sue the school for not doing their job properly by standing up against being gay . The road they went down trying to win this case was rough they got angry voicemails saying stuff like that “faggot got everything it deserved” “hope he dies” and more also the first time they tried to get the case going they dismissed it before even looking at the case itself and people wanted this case to go thru so they

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