The Danger for Journalists Covering the Violence in Syria

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According to Tostevin and Hemming (2012) which states, "Such outrageous use of force against civilian population constitutes a violation of applicable international law and of the commitments of the Syrian Government under United Nations Security Council Resolutions". Russia, which along with China has vetoed two Security Council resolutions calling for tougher action against Damascus, said the "tragic" events in Syria deserve condemnation and called for a U.N. assessment of the violence there (Tostevin and Hemming, 2012, para. 3). With the issue being highly publicized in the media the public’s perception of the controversy according to Russian Deputy U.N. Ambassador Alexander Pankin said the circumstances surrounding the massacre were "murky" and rejected the idea that the evidence clearly showed Damascus was guilty (Tostevin and Hemming, 2012, para. 3).
Freedom of speech and freedom of expression were used in this article. The fact that mainstream media reports on Syria rarely present the point of view of the people affected by the terror in Syria means that many Australians, inc...

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