The Customer Service Department of a Business

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The Customer Service Department of a Business

Customer service, a department within a company, which tries to ensure

that customers are happy, both with the goods or the service the

business/company is providing, also the manner in which the manner

they are served by employee's and the company approach towards them.

All businesses need customers to buy their products and services. In

order to do this company's and businesses must treat customers

respectively so that'll encourage them to buy their products or

service. As more and more companies compete for customers business,

businesses must provide a high-quality product or service that is safe

and reliable, does what it's suppose to, and offers good value for

money, but during this they must ensure that a high standard of

service is provided for the customer.

If a poor customer service is provided it is likely that the customer

will take their business elsewhere, this could be due to poor staff,

or just general lack consideration for the customers needs. This

important aspect of customer relations is so vital to the

successfulness of a business that most customer service departments

within a business produces questionnaires, deal with customer

enquiries and complaints a forward these to the departments which they

apply to so that customer service in future their will be greatly

improved thus improving relations with customers and improving sales.

All customer service departments aim to improve customer relations by:

* Providing relevant information for that matter

* Giving general advice

* Providing credit facilities for customers

* Delivering goods, makin...

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...olleagues and to the

society, communities and natural environment in which we operate.

(Taken from the Cadbury Schweppes website,

Also they encourage customers to help with the running of the company

by asking them to contribute to anything, which they may feel is not

to a standard, which they like. They do this by offering an address on

the back of all their products, on the back of one of their products,

a marble bar, it says:

"At Cadburys we are proud of the quality of our products and we want

you to enjoy them. If you are not entirely satisfied with this

product, please return it with it wrapper to our customer services

manager at the address below, saying when and where it was bought, if

bought in the republic of Ireland please return to, Cadbury Ireland

ltd., Coolock, Dublin 5.
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