The Current Health Craze Of A Specialty Made Pot With Seeds And Soil

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When looking at the current health craze that is sweeping the country, it is important to look at what people are eating, where their are getting it and how their standards stack up to other conventional eating methods. Our solution to the high demand of healthy produce options is smart gardening. The business idea is to sell a specialty made pot with seeds and soil which people can plant and grow their own organic food in the comfort of their own homes. Customers will be able to choose which produce they want to grow, what soil is best for it, and what type of pot they would like. We are not only selling the convenience of growing your own organic fresh produce, but are selling the experience of becoming an urban organic farmer in large metropolitan areas. The pot or container that the produce will grow in is the primary product that we are offering to our customers. The pot will be a “smart” pot that will be able to detect what type of plant is growing in the pot, how much water it needs and how long until the desired produce is ripe for gathering from the plant. The bot will have two fixated points where water will be automatically distributed based on the water content in the soil and how much water the plants themselves may need. Based on the data collected from the plant, the box will notify the owner if the plant is lacking any key nutrients and will give statistics on how the plant is doing and how soon until it can be harvested. Another feature that we plan to offer our customers in the option to purchase a short-term biodegradable pot or a long-term plastic pot. Based on the preferences of some people, they may want the pot to be placed in the soil and degrade into the earth naturally. On the other hand some customers... ... middle of paper ... times a week. Conclusion With the information gathered from our potential target market, we have developed a conclusive product that we believes solves the problems that many people face while trying to indulge in a healthier lifestyle. First, we plan to offer customers the option to purchase a growing lamp to grow their produce in their home or in a city with little sunlight. Second, we plan to offer a curriculum to schools with the smart pot so that schools can promote the product to the student while providing a rich educational experience to students on the importance of growing a sustainable food source in the future with a growing population. Finally, we plan to automate many of the function on the smart pot to allow customers, from many areas and backgrounds, to access and utilize the pot to grow their own food while not having to be a full time farmer.

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