The Current Approach to Physical Fitness Development at Contemporary Schools

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Locally and across the state there are several different methods for carrying out physical education classes in high schools. Most are similar to each other but still unique in their own way. A combination of different facilities and curriculums across Pennsylvania result in diverse physical education offerings. This paper includes descriptions of the Physical Education Curriculum at the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences, the Hazleton Area High School, MMI Preparatory School, and the Downingtown STEM Academy. A review of the Physical Education Center at the Twin Valley High School is also included.
Students are required to complete two physical education classes in their time at the HAAS STEM Academy (Sphar, P.1). On a daily basis, students have the ability to select cardio and strength training exercises that they are required to record in their fitness logs (Sphar, P.1). Cardio options available to students include treadmills, elliptical, spin bikes, and various workout programs including but not limited to the popular P90x and Insanity (Sphar, P.1). Throughout the semester, the fitness logs will help the students track the progress of their BMI (Body Mass Index), Weight, Fat Percentage, and Muscle Percentage (Sphar, P.1). Since the STEM Academy’s Fitness Center resembles more closely to a public gym than a typical school gym, physical fitness progress is measured on an individual basis; there are no team sports (Sphar, P.1).
In their time at the Hazleton Area High School students are required to complete two physical education classes (Dennison, P.1). The physical education program at the Hazleton Area High School is broken down into eight, eleven day periods (Dennison, P.1). Four of the eight periods are completed per quar...

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... habits in which they can use to maintain their physical fitness throughout their life. Some do this individually, some collaboratively, and some use both methods. In the end, however, the goals and standards are reached.

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