The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Christopher Boone Analysis

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There are many novels that have been written where the author may be very mendacious and trick his/her readers with lies or different ideas that could have happened but nobody knows. In the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon, The author portrays himself as the narrator Christopher Boone who is an autistic 15 year-old trying to figure out who killed a neighbor’s dog. When a reader thinks an autistic 15 year-old, they already have an image in their mind and some know exactly how they are supposed to act and speak, so this essay is going to cover an evaluation of how accurate the author is, the narrator is, and also the narrator’s father. Mark Haddon has a history of working with students with special needs…show more content…
Ed is the one that kills Wellington, he tells Christopher that his mom, Judy, died of a heart attack, and hides all the letters to him from his mom for two years. Because of his actions, the reader is to believe that Ed is a very sketchy character and that he is not to be trusted with what he says. He is consistent with his lies, even though the lies end up revealed, but he is an inaccurate character because the audience and Christopher believed he was telling the truth and he wasn’t. Ed tries consoling Christopher after all the lies are revealed and he quotes, “I’m sorry, Christopher. I promise you, I never meant for it to turn out like this,” (122). He admits that the reason he killed Wellington was because he had gotten into an intense argument with Mrs. Shears about her caring more about her dog rather than for Ed and Christopher, and in result, Ed took his anger out on the dog. However, he knew that Christopher liked Wellington so he never told him that he was the one that killed him because he didn’t want to hurt Christopher. He also says that he told Christopher that Judy died because Ed didn’t know how to deal with it himself, so he thought that if he couldn’t handle it, how would Christopher. That’s why he didn’t let Christopher know that his mom abandoned him. Given the situation, Ed’s lies are to a point reasonable, but not excusable and Christopher knows that. Ed is a character that we can’t always trust, he is too inaccurate during the
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