The Culture Of Hip Hop Music

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Hip Hop began in the 1970's in the United States in that time it was not popular, but over the years it becomes more popular. Young people hear this music often because of lyrics or videos image. The new hip hop music typically portrays women as an object where a man can control a woman. Also, have violence and the style of hip-hop music have changed to obtain more money. In the culture of Hip, Hop rap began to rap in the streets expressing their thought and opinion through their songs, to get the attention of people. The attention the rappers wanted was to be heard and wanted other people to feel connected. In that time period, rappers became more popular because of what they produce based on their feelings. The rappers used their music to …show more content…

Nowadays, rappers became more popular because of visualization; it's not because of the music anymore. They used beautiful women and most of the time it was African women that would dance in music videos. The rappers would make the woman see that every woman with a good body can have everything in life and dancing was provocative. According to Sebastian, "As a Hip hop purist, I’ve always hated the fact that most commercial rap music promotes negative images and messages. Having used Hip Hop culture as a medium to empower youth for the last 15 years I’ve seen firsthand how mainstream rap impacts young impressionable minds." This quote states all people hear about hip hop is a negative impression of rap music because of the language and the image of women they produce in their videos. Music Rap was promoted to motive and influence positive …show more content…

The rappers their approach was that people listened to them and their clothes were more colorful. With the times the styles were changing already and they become more liberals they began to dress the women in sensual clothes usually the colors of their clothes is black and they teach their bodies so that the people look more their videos. The rappers use the women as a sexual object that they can handle. Rap music all women who are beautiful are the ones who come out in these videos because it is the appearances that matter to them and they want to give to understand that the women have to show their body to make money. A research by Biancawade state "A study done at McKinley Senior High School 2009 has shown that 67% of students feel that women are represented as sex objects in music videos. Eight- four percent feel as though there is more to a woman than her physical features but the media still depicts females as sexual objects." The quote state the most of the young people from high school believe the women is a sex object and that makes them think they can be used all women just as an object of pleasure. Most all women would like to have a good body and be able to dress like those models to get everything they want and is what today the rappers are no longer so popular in the lyrics of the music if not the pretty women who come

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  • Explains that hip-hop began in the 1970's and became popular over the years. young people hear this music often because of lyrics or videos image.
  • Analyzes how hip hop rap was promoted to motivate and influence positive aspects to young people with their music.
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