The Culture And Culture Of Singaporeans And Business Culture

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Tina Tran
Prof. Stockman
Due 21 Jan 2018
Singaporeans and Cultural
After many years of unremitting efforts since independence, Singapore is not only known for its clean and beautiful country. In addition to being modern and civilized, it is also known as one of Asia’s largest financial center. Singapore is the country that have multiple nationalities. More than seventy percent are Chinese, the rests are Malay and Indian. It is also a country with a very diverse culture. Singaporean attach seriously in communication culture. Singapore has four official languages, those are Hyphenation, Mandarin, Sri-Lanka, and English. English is the language used in business and administration and is widely used. Almost all Singaporeans speak two
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Business cards are importance to Singaporeans. When meeting and discussing business with Singaporean, business cards must be exchanged with two hands and with full respect to each other’s business cards. Especially it has to be written in English. Building relationships with each other is very important in doing business in Singapore. Polite is an integral part of a successful business relationship in Singapore. Polite is necessary but it does not affect Singapore’s business decisions. Singaporean must feel comfortable working with each other. Besides being polite, age and seniority are also respected in the Singapore business culture. According to Commisceo Global, “the family is the center of the social structure and emphasize unity, loyalty and respect for the elderly.” In a group, member of a delegation are usually the ones with the highest in age will be assigned as leader. In addition, Singaporeans are very focusing on faces. Faces in Singapore are reputation. According Larry Kulchawik, “When doing business, individuals are expected to have good character and personal dignity. Singaporean strive for harmonious relationships. Business friendships are based on integrality, good character and honor.” They believed having face is the mark of personal qualities. In Singapore, the person who have high reputation will automatically be respected and shown deference by other. They feel offended when a person that close them, and treated other with bad manner that could damage their face. Show anger or emotions or raise your voice are seen as bad manner. Compare to the United States, Singaporeans take it very seriously. There will be nothing that can offer them is more important than dealing with gaining Singaporeans’ reputation

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