The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Cuban Missile Crisis was a 13 day period during the Cold War, between The United States, Cuba, and The Soviet Union, that caused great turmoil in the world. The Causes of the Crisis lead all the way back to the late 1950’s, were the tension between the two nations and the U.S first began to really begin.
On January 1, 1959, Fidel Castro wins the revolution and defeats General Fulgencro Batista and On February , 1959, Castro becomes president and gains full control over Cuba. After becoming president, Castro also began extremely taxing U.S products, this led to Eisenhower imposing trade restrictions against Cuba. Cuba also established that it was openly Communist and began forming diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union. This did not sit too well with the U.S, so they decided to end the foreign aid program with Cuba. Cuba becomes extremely sense they depended on U.S product.
On January 20,1961 John F. Kennedy was inaugurated and became the 35th President of the United States. After only being president for a couple of days, Kennedy was informed about Eisenhower’s secret plan for the CIA to train Cuban exiles for the invasion and overthrow of Castro. Kennedy was skeptical of the plan but still approved it. On April 18, 1961, the attempted invasion took place on the south cast of Cuba and as Kennedy expected the invasion failed horribly. The CIA underestimated the amount of troops and the extent of weaponry in Cuba. Kennedy accepted the responsibility for the loss still disappointed stating The United Stated “ look like fools to our friends, rascals to our enemies and incompetents to the rest”. As a result the United States paid an astounding amount 53 million in ransom for the release surviving captured exile...

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...f the coast of Cuba. Later this day President Kennedy receives a letter from Khrushchev stating that the U.S quarantine has caused, “a serious threat to peace and the security of people.” In result of the letter, President Kennedy pulls back the quarantine line.
On October 25, President Kennedy sends a letter to Premier Khrushchev responding to his letter that was sent on October 24. Kennedy’s letter states in the letter that he does not understand why Khrushchev can’t see where he’s coming from because as far as Kennedy was told, there were no nuclear weapons placed in Cuba. President Kennedy basically holds The Soviet Union as the main cause of the crisis. During the next Ex-Comm meeting, official discuss whether they will remove the missile from Turkey. They come to an conclusion that the U.S only move the missiles if, Cuba removes there soviet missiles.
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