The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Cuban Missile Crisis

Between 1959 and 1962 relations between USA and Cuba deteriorated. Up

until 1959, America had kept General Batista in power over Cuba and

had strong links, especially in trade. Castro’s ascent to power in

1959 triggered the short-term events contributing to the Cuban Missile


The main cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis was the cold relationship

between the two great superpowers: America and Russia. This had been

going on since the start of the 19th century and had worsened during

the Cold War. The Soviet Union had always been communist and America

always anti-communist. During the Cold War America had wanted to stop

the spread of communism, they also gave Aid to any capitalist

countries in need through Marshall Aid. The battle between communist

and capitalist was the reason that all the other long and short-term

causes of the Missile Crisis arose.

Another very important reason that there was the Cuban Missile Crisis

was that America had kept General Batista in power for too long in

Cuba. The relationship between America and this leader was strong

because of the anti-communist links. However he was very much

disliked by the public of Cuba and this meant he had no support from

his people, which weakened his position. This was recognised by Fidel

Castro who, in 1959, led a revolt and overthrew General Batista.

America had no chance to prevent this event and so Fidel Castro

remained in power. However, America believed him to be communist and

they were frightened by anyone with links to communism. Therefore,

this sparked another cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis, w...

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...r defence as no-one had any idea of what the

Americans were doing, they had lied about the U-2 crisis and the

Soviet Union said they felt Russia needed to be defended, as America

could be seen to be planning an attack.

The main reason that the cold relationship between the two great

superpowers came to ahead in Cuba was because of the history there.

Americans had kept the unwanted leader General Batista in power for

too long. The main reason for the missile crisis happening was the

fight between communism and capitalism. This was what had triggered

everything else such as the nuclear arms race, Berlin Wall and U-2

crisis to happen each then contributing to the nuclear missile crisis.

The Bay of Pigs although extremely important to the crisis was only

the trigger cause which gave Russia reason to get involved in Cuba.
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