The Crusaders And The Crusades

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The Crusaders

During the late eleventh century Western European Christians made military excursions, these excursions were called the Crusades. Pope Urban II requested that the Byzantine emperor needed help against the Seljug Turks in 1095. Their purpose was to recover the city of Jerusalem that had been taken over by the Muslims. “The word Crusader referred to anyone belonging to a large volunteer force against Muslims, as indicated by a cross on Crusaders’ clothing.” (Voyages in World History, pg. 359). Jews, Muslims and groups of none Christians were the targets of the Crusades within Europe. The pope promised all the crusaders that if they died during battle that “they could be certain that God would forgive their sins because God forgave all pilgrims’ sins.” (Voyages in World History, pg. 360). The mark of the beginning of the first crusade was in 1095 and only 10,000 out of 50,000 combatants reached Jerusalem. The first crusade became the fighting arm of the church when Pope Urban II gave it his blessing. There are two sides to every story; the history of the crusaders stor...

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