The Crumbling of the Religious Structure

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The Crumbling of the Religious Structure

For the longest time, the Bible had been the history book of the

Western World. People had based their families, societies, kingdoms

and livelihood on the information based in the Bible, information

which, until the 1500's had not been challenged. The theories of

Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton had challenged the beliefs of many

Catholics; it seemed to them that their trust in the Bible was being

questioned. For many it was too much; some lost faith in the Bible,

others proceeded to keep a firm belief in the Bible's teachings

despite the challenges of the scientific community, only being forced

to submit to the overwhelming facts later on. The new Theory of

Evolution, presented to the world by Charles Darwin in the book The

Origin of the Species in 1859, yet again attacked the validity of the

Bible. It professed that, on his journey on the Beagle for five years,

he noticed that the theory of natural selection was the only thing

that he observed in his studies of species from all over the world.

This theory helped to support the idea of evolution, a topic of great

controversy at the time, whish in turn attacked the Bible in its

belief of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark and Genesis. This new theory not

only weakened the Church, but forced it to undergo its own form of

adaptation; the attacks of scientific theory forced the Church to

adapt in order to grow back.

The theory of Natural Selection says that "populations change over

time as the frequency of advantageous alleles increases. These could

accumulate over time to result in adaptation and speciation."[1] If

one were to be in an environment where water could only be found on

the cup-shaped leaves of a very tall tree and there were two different

ground-based species in that area, the one most capable of getting to

the water (e.g. long neck) would be the ones to survive, the other

species would die-out unless it could find another niche where as to
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