The Cruel and Yet Inaccurate Testing of Animals

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Animal experimentation is both unnecessarily cruel and inaccurate proving that it is neither beneficial nor ethical to perform. Animals are living creatures just like people and yet are treated as though they are nothing but tools by the self-proclaimed advanced species of the Earth. Alternatives to animal testing have been developed and presented throughout the years but scientists are stubborn and stuck in their ways so they continue to experiment on innocent creatures. Testing on animals is a barbaric practice that should have been abolished long ago yet humans have continued to perform the tests for years. Human beings have been shown to be the cruelest animals on the planet. While other animals will kill for defense or food, humans are the only ones that inflict unnecessary cruelty onto others like they do through experimentation. Fortunately, some people throughout the years have shown sympathy towards the various animals that are tested on day after day and work to stop the atrocities committed by man. Animal rights activists and their cause can be traced back to their origins in the antivivisection campaigns of the 1900s. Both individuals and groups of people work to abrogate the abuse of animals, usually through protests. The most prominent organization that advocates for animal rights is PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who have fought many battles in the war against animal cruelty. Two of PETA’s victories were in their campaigns, where they worked with several other organizations, against Gillette and Colgate for their experimentation on and mistreatment of animals. Their victory against Gillette came with, “the multinational company announcing a moratorium in December 1996 on animal testing of its ... ... middle of paper ... ...Wright). Many people will deny that animal testing is wrong because it produces valuable drugs and medical research that can be used to save or benefit human life. These people who defend animal testing and believe that it is an acceptable practice never bring up the fact that the experiments take place behind closed doors. If animal testing is the legal and wonderful method for curing disease, developing surgical practices, and testing the safety of various products that it is perceived to be by its supporters then it should be out in the open. Animal testing always has been and likely always will be kept hidden away from the public’s view because the companies and labs that perform the experiments realize that if their projects are allowed to see the light of day, there will be a backlash of indescribable proportions by the public for their crimes against nature.
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