The Crucible, by Arthur Miller

Some people think historical events that occurred in America in the 20th century influenced Arthur Miller in writing The Crucible. This may be true but also events that occurred in the 1600s show similarities to this play. Miller claims his play has nothing to do with the Salem Witch Trials or McCarthyism, but others think differently. Either way, historical events that occurred in the 1950’s influenced the play The Crucible greatly.
In the Salem village of Massachusetts between March and October of 1692 a short lived but intense witch hunt resulting in the lives of twenty innocent people to be taken by means of executed occurred. These were called the Salem Witch Trials. Once the trials had stopped, 50 people had bought their lives with confessions, two hundred plus had been accused of witchcraft, and one hundred and fifty plus had already been imprisoned. The last suspects were finally set free by April of 1693 (Maierhofer 359). These trials are a symbol on the effect of intolerance, extremism and hatred (Lorcher). They are also some of the most well- known in the history of witch ...

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